New Social Network Launched... by Sticker Mule?

This one threw me for a loop this morning. Instead of their usual text-only offer of discounts on vinyls or holographic decals… Sticker Mule announced a soft launch of their SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, called Stimulus.

What in the Higgs Boson is going on?


I’ve never heard of stimulus or sticker mule - and I guess it’s just a way to get their customers all in one place even more engaged than before.

Stimulus is described as a “happy social network” where giveaways replace advertising, creativity flourishes, and all users are verified to eliminate bot spam, fraud, and abuse.

Is what that article says… “Giveaways replace advertising” just sounds weird and potentially dangerous depending on how they vet those. Giveaways usually would drive more traffic since people like getting free stuff.

I think it’s interesting - what makes a “social media platform” anyways these days? SMP could be a social network technically. I assume you’d have a following tab if you joined. Explore seems like anyone that posts is on it.

They can sure get a lot of your information, way more than what normal media sites get. Due to their “giveaways”

Your name, postal address, zip code, email address, IP address, online identifier, user ID, account name, login credentials or other similar identifiers. For potential winners of sweepstakes with prizes of over $600.00, we collect social security numbers for the purposes of compliance with the applicable tax laws and regulations.

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So I suppose really this is just a giveaway site with “verified” users by default (because it seems you have to give them that info to be allowed in?).

On Stimulus, brands (or generous individuals), earn attention by attaching giveaways to their posts – Stimulus calls them stims. People can enter giveaways by replying, liking, or sharing, or as Stimulus says – restimming. Stimulus randomly selects winners from its lists of verified entrants and distributes prizes to ensure fairness.

It may be how they get people thru the door and change their tactics later. Interestingly enough you can have an “alias” but still be verified. Which I think is kind of cool so you don’t have to put your name out there.

I suppose it has potential? Could be something to watch, not sure I’d jump in just yet. Although I’m not comfortable with all that info they would have on me either per se.


I’m intrigued so far by the idea of adding a kind of “bounty” to each interaction (like, share, or comment). All of the “stims” on Sticker Mule’s posts right now are $500 or so. But I would imagine with that being the main premise of the network, you could do something like add $1 to a post to get more traction. And the dollar is awarded to someone who interacts.

At the moment, it seems pretty easy to just scroll through the feed and liking posts to get entered into the drawing. I don’t feel like there’s a real speed bump between being disengaged and pressing that button to enter that will bring real value to brands. It seems like users will just scroll as fast as they can to enter as many of these contests as possible.

I’m just happy to see something that doesn’t look like everything else. It’s refreshing to see different companies invest in online communities.


Yeah, I wonder if we’ll start seeing brands have small “social networks” that just involve their own communities.

This might be a new trend we’re seeing. Sites not only used for selling but also having a social network aspect to them.

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so… this is a type of pod? Like a Pinterest pod… a community that shares what’s in the community for gain. idk - I wouldn’t call this a sm platform - I would call it a private promotion community with a benefit? Every business could create their own version of this – and we’d all be doing their work of marketing for them. I have thoughts…


That’s my lack of pinterest knowledge showin! A Pinterest pod huh? Thats interesting.

I do wonder if businesses would create their own versions or at least test it.

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They might just being trying to play it off as a more wide-reaching community, but everything they’ve put out about it suggests they don’t want it to be about them, their products, or their organization. They seem to want it run as a separate entity but started their push with the people already on their email list.

I don’t think the goal is to be a niche community for Sticker Mule customers.

I have a whopping 4 hours with it, so [grain of salt clause].


I think it’s definitely worth seeing where it goes. Maybe you can keep us updated Amy? :slight_smile:

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