🗞 New Instagram feed options!

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has announced the launch of two new Instagram feed options: Following and Favorites.

“You should be able to shape Instagram into the experience that you want; you know what’s best for you,” said Mosseri.


  • A deterministic, chronologically-ordered feed of posts from accounts you are already following.


  • Making sure you don’t miss anything from the accounts you care about most, which you will identify as your “favorites” (up to 50).
  • Will display posts from your Favorites at the top of your main feed.
  • Can also access a chronological feed of posts from these creators.

The main Instagram feed will continue to be non-chronological, ranked, and personalized by the algorithm, including suggestions of new content you might be interested in based on past usage.

“Over time we have introduced more recommendations into the main feed because we think it’s important for us to help people discover new things, to learn about content on Instagram that they didn’t even know existed but they might enjoy or love,” explained Mosseri.

“We believe in personalization. We find that when we help try and connect people with the content that they’re most interested in, not only do they say they’re happy with Instagram overall, we also see that the average account reaches 50% more followers than in a chronological-feed world.”

These new feed options will appear via a dropdown menu directly to the right of the Instagram logo at the top of the app. As of this writing, it has not yet rolled out to all accounts.

Here’s a great Twitter thread from Matt Navarra on what this all means.

Christine Gritmon @christine
I think you’re a rockstar.
Yes, YOU!
Let me know what lights you up—I want to hear YOUR stories (and to have you write for Social Media Pulse!) :heart:


Great news…went running off to go see and of course, I don’t have it yet! I love that we can have 50 favorites and we actually know the number!!!

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I don’t have it yet either! Now I’m wondering who my 50 favorites are going to be…

think I’ll start a new thread and see everyone’s suggestions. Will link back here!

So I only have this option on one of the 5 accounts I have connected to my mobile app. I also want to make the point that we’ve had a chronological feed on Twitter and Facebook for a long time, and this is IG catching up. How many people change over to the Recent Feed on FB and the Latest Tweets on Twitter? I do. but I’m weird that way :slight_smile:

I don’t have it on any of my accounts.
I feel FB and Twitter have basically hidden the option! And I will admit that I almost never use it; on Twitter that sparkle button feels like it would change between light/dark mode (I know that’s a different button!), and I can’t even figure out how to do it on FB desktop (though they admittedly make it pretty easy on the app).
I liked his point about how posts actually get MORE reach when ranked by the algorithm. This is what my small-business-social coach friends are trying to point out to their clients: this is NOT actually good for them.