New feature on LinkedIn or late to the party?

This is new to me on LinkedIn, but I don’t spend a lot of dedicated time there. Is this new? Or am I late to the party?


I’ve had it for a while; not sure if it’s still in beta or not. I think it’s a weird feature.


It’s LinkedIn’s way of encouraging you to share content. I’m not sure it’s still in use.


Yeah I’ve had it for a while now. It definitely pops up whenever I make a comment or whatever, nudging me to share it to my network. I don’t think they really do a good job to be honest.

Like what do you mean “lead the conversation”? If I’m commenting its because I want to engage the person who posted it. Why would I want to lead it away from them, unless I’m sharing information I think that would benefit my network.

Maybe different wording would work. Like “Share with your network to bring them into the conversation” or something.

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Here’s another prompt LinkedIn AI is using to encourage engagement. Problem is the groups they are suggesting have nothing to do with the content. Go figure!?


Yes, I get those too. Especially when I post anything tech or gaming related. I’ll get cybersec, NFTs, etc.

I don’t have much experience with groups on linkedin at all to be honest.