New FB location page doesn't show up

Hello! I created 14 location pages for a client about a year ago. A month ago, I created 2 more location pages. However, those pages never show up on a FB search. My client is getting very angry. The store locations are Open and the pages are Published. Has anyone had this issue before? Any suggestions are welcome!


I feel like location pages are Facebook’s stepchild! So crucial to clients but NOT easy to navigate!

I’m going to tag some @Agency Space Friends for help…thinking they are more likely to have dealt with location pages.


@lindalw03 Possibly lots of questions/factors in play. Are the last two pages set up the exact same way? With the same template? Have you tried finding them from an incognito window? Have you asked friends to search and find them? Are they published? Do you have a link to them? Have any people checked in to these pages yet? I am not an expert on this topic, but those are some of the steps I’d take to get started trying to find a solution.


I heard something about them being taken away with the new Pages Experience, but I don’t know if they’re going to be replaced with something else. I find it hard to believe they’re just going to eliminate them altogether. Thanks for reaching out for more helpers.


Hi Dorien, all good questions!
Yes, the 2 pages are set up the same way. The new pages don’t show up using FB on a regular window or an incognito window. They are published and I have a link to them (the only way to access them).

I don’t think that anyone has checked in yet since no clients can access it. Someone was thinking if they invited people to be friends with the location that it would show up.


Yes, I’d try to see if staff can check-in. Facebook pages can not have friends. They are set up as paes, not profiles, right?

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You are right, I meant invite to “like” the page, not become friends. I will pass along your suggestion. Thanks!