Need Social Media HELP? Have a QUESTION? Want to start a CONVERSATION?

Please use the Community Chat Hangout as a place to ask your questions! We’ve got our Community Crew here to support you and Social Media Pulse is filled with lots of social media thought leaders and tons of people deep in the social media trenches!

To ask a QUESTION…you need to log in and then go to the blue “Start a Conversation” button.

To start a general CONVERSATION…the Community Chat Hangout is the perfect spot. Again, just use the blue Start a conversation button.

To ANSWER or make a COMMENT…hit the reply button at the end of the post OR hit reply after another member’s comment. You can also LIKE a post.

In order to help keep things organized, part of the SMP Community Crew’s job is to add tags to all posts so it’s easy to find conversations later. Tags are is also a great way to filter conversations.

Note If you need Social Media Pulse site help visit Using Social Media Pulse if you have any questions – we’ll see you out there!

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