Need more clients?

Just watched Chris Rudolph’s session from #AgencySummit–Land More Agency Clients Using Audits.

He suggest doing audits…anyone try this yet?

Thoughts on the session?

What are you doing the audit on?


Now this is a fun one! I didn’t watch the session, but we do audits at Wholesome.

For every single client that wants to work with us or we want to work with them, we do a social media audit where we look at all of their social media channels. We look at their posting schedule, the type of content they are creating, their hashtag strategy (on Instagram), their voice, their tone, and their community engagement efforts.

We then send this over to them for FREE.

I would love to know if other agencies do the audits for free or charge for them.

@EddieGarrison and @shannon1 do y’all do audits? @deb do you do audits for your clients?


Yes. We do audits but not for free. It’s a part of all of our packages. We have done some lead gen campaigns offering free social media audits that worked out well and brought on a few new clients from it.

In the beginning stages, we send prospective clients a social media questionnaire. It basically asks questions like:

Business Overview
What is your biggest marketing challenge right now
Brand Mission
Social Media Marketing Goals/Objectives
And so on.


@EddieGarrison you are making my day man. This is so freaking helpful!

Thank you so much.


No problem at all, man. Happy to help!