:space_friend: Moving...re-organization coming to SMP...input needed

Working on some backend stuff here at SMP and would love your thoughts.

Going to be re-organizing stuff a bit to showcase our Missions more. So I’m going to be moving content around a bit. Don’t worry we are keeping our tagging system so you’ll still be able to find stuff.

:space_friend: I need to rename the CHAT in the above navigation menu…was thinking CONNECT – thoughts?

Any other suggestions as I move stuff around?
Are we missing something you wish we had?
How can we help you better?

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Hey Deb!

Sorry I haven’t been as active with the recent missions, its interesting to read but I haven’t put it into practice myself really (I still don’t have any AI accounts :slight_smile:).

As far as renaming Chat, i’m not sure if Connect is the right word to change it to, as you already have Connect for masterminds. I suppose the question would be what is the essence of Chat? It could be “Forums” instead but I guess technically everything is a forum lol.

Although, you could change Chat to “Connect” and “Connect” to “Communities” since those are MasterMind Community Groups. That could work as renaming.

ahhh…yes forgot to say I’m going to change Connect to Masterminds. Thanks for pointing that out Kaz!

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