🎥 Mission Wrap-Up: Special Guest Stephanie Liu

Join us LIVE on Friday, December 16 at 1 pm ET as host Christine Gritmon @christine and special guest expert Stephanie Liu @stephanie go through this past month’s #12DaysOfTikTok, highlighting favorite content & tips and letting you know what’s coming up next!

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What insights have you gained from our #12DaysOfTikTok ?

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I’m not the only one that watches trends but doesn’t do them.

Themes for days helps with content creation.

You don’t need to be all business on Tiktok.


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Use the timestamps below to follow along and jump to points in the conversation of interest to you!

00:06 - Recap of TikTok Mission Control.

00:09 - Importance of a strong hook

00:11 - Avoid the “Millennial Pause” - just jump right in.

00:12 - Favorite TikTok accounts!!

00:15 - UGC and partnering with content creators

00:20 - Tips for content creators to monetize your services

00:23 - Tips for working with trends on TikTok (especially as a brand)

00:25 - “TikTok Made Me Buy It”

00:28 - TikTok as an audience growth tool for other platforms

00:30 - Have fun with TikTok!!


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