Mission Wrap-Up: Special Guest Dorien Morin-van Dam

Join us LIVE on Tuesday, November 29 at 11 am ET as host Christine Gritmon @christine and special guest expert Dorien Morin-van Dam @dorien go through this past month’s Mission: LinkedIn, highlighting favorite content & tips and letting you know what’s coming up next!

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This is going to be awesome!!! Mission: LinkedIn has amazing resources!

Here’s our Mission Control post that is your guide to seeing all the content in Mission: LinkedIn

Connect with Dorien on LinkedIn here

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@jonaed looks like he is a Developer Advocate at EOS Network Foundation

Here’s Dorien’s Strategy Talks podcast with Sarah

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Tip…follow first and then comment in the comments to create relationships

engage with other accounts to get seen…

The first 90 minutes is where the magic happens
LinkedIn analyzes all posts.
They will share yours with your frequent readers, your inner-circle of highly engaged followers.
Make sure you’ll get them to engage in the first 90 minutes, it will sky-rocket your reach.

Comment first…then like it
Only your first action of engagement counts(!)
You might want to reconsider your behavior on LinkedIn.
First a “Like,” then a “Comment”?
It will kill the positive impact on the algorithm a comment normally has.