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:rocket::rocket: Welcome to Mission: Workflows! Donโ€™t miss this collection of outstanding Workflows for social media managers

This is Mission Control. This post is designed to serve as an index to all of the training for the entire Workflows Mission!


Directed Journaling Workflow for Goal Setting and Goal Getting with Debra Eckerling
Expert Insights Panel: Goal Setting with Troy Sandidge, Debra Eckerling and Katie Roberts
Using OKRs for Social Media: Pulse Academy Office Hours


The One Daily Practice Social Media Teams Need to Increase Their Agile Workflow by Dorien Morin-van Dam
How I Use Zapier To Save Up To 10 Hours Per Month with Fab Giovanetti
Time Management - Why We Struggle When We Know Itโ€™s Important: Pulse Academy Office Hours


Client Onboarding Workflow with Phyllis Khare
Creating And Presenting Service Offers That Sell with Janine Coombes
Warm Lead Campaign with Lee Goff
WATCH: Agency Lead Generation Process with Lee Goff
Client Offboarding with Phyllis Khare


5 Must Know Workflows for Social Media Managers with Yvonne Heimann
AI Recipe Process for Bloggers with Phyllis Khare
Workflows To Avoid โ€œSporadic Marketing Syndromeโ€ with Tracy Heatley
The Ideal Email Marketing Workflow with Emily Ryan
Social Media Planning Worksheet with Ruth Inman, Pulse Academy
The Anatomy of a Viral Tweet by Kevin Graham
Content Batching Workflows with Christine Gritmon
How To Create Short-Form Video Content with Nathaniel Harper
Content Planner Creators FAQ with Ema Pirciu , Mike Allton, and Janet Murray

WORKFLOWS: Important Things :rocket:

Planning Your Workflow Mapping with Rebecca Catterall
Analytics Workflow: A Technical Approach by Christopher Penn
Brand Building As A System by Shelley Rรถstlund


Watch - Mission Wrap-Up LIVE: Special Guest Yvonne Heimann (great tech discussion too)
Workflows and ClickUp with Jonathan Gaby
General Tools and Systems All Social Media Managers Need with Phyllis Khare
Office Hour: UTM Codes for Social Media

Letโ€™s Chat: WORKFLOWS

Letโ€™s Chat: If you could wave a magic wand, what process/system would you fix FIRST?
Letโ€™s Chat: Whatโ€™s your favorite planner or calendar?
Letโ€™s Chat: What process/system/workflow would you fix first?
Letโ€™s Chat: Goal Settingโ€ฆHow are you setting yourself up for success for 2023?
Letโ€™s Chat: Client Scope Creep
Letโ€™s Chat: How do you manage your creative assets?


I am a BIG FAN of fixing workflows if you have frustration in your business! The WAY you work really truly determines your happiness with it. I like to say, Design a Business You LOVE." :heart:

Perfect! The magic I need in my business this year :magic_wand:

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Thanks Joanna! Weโ€™ve gathered tons of :fire: :space_friend:

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