🚀🚀🚀 Mission Control Master List Mission: Clients

Most social media managers are dependent on clients! Without clients, social media managers are like a rocket ship without fuel!

However…clients come with challenges. Communication…expectations…managing feedback…getting paid…finding them are just the start!

In Mission: Clients, we’re curating awesome content to help you to improve your “client plan.”

This is Mission Control. This post is designed to serve as an index to all of the training for the entire Client Mission!


:rocket::rocket: Welcome to Mission: Clients! Watch for more content added all month long!

Turn Strangers Into Clients With The F.R.O.G. Strategy with Shannon DeSouza

The Power of FOMO: Create Buzz for Your Clients! with May King Tsang

Listing Your Services on Your Website

Top 20 Questions from Clients and Answers You can Give Them (Swipe this!)

Managing Client Communication and Expectations

#AgencyTips: Getting new clients + marketing your agency

Client Success Secrets Every Social Media Agency Needs to Know with Yvonne Heimann

15 Questions to Ask Before You Commit to Working with a New Client

6 Ways to WOW a New Social Media Client :star2: with Deb Mitchell

Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Proposals - Swipe Our Templates!

Get More Clients

How to Do a Social Media Audit to Gain New Clients
Finding Clients at Networking Events
Niche to Get Better Clients
Using Your Email List to Find New Clients
Finding New Clients by Speaking at Events

Watch Office Hours

:alarm_clock: Office Hour: Client Doesn’t BLOG? Best Sources of Content to Share
:alarm_clock: Office Hour: Mastering Pricing Fundamentals: A Must-Have Skill for Social Media Managers
:alarm_clock: Office Hour: How to Create Reports Clients will LOVE
:alarm_clock: Office Hour: Get QUICK Client Approvals - Tools for Editorial, Content & Social Task Calendars

Resources about Clients

Top 20 Questions from Clients and Answers You can Give Them (Swipe this!)
Client Onboarding with Phyllis Khare
Client Offboarding with Phyllis Khare

Join our Chats about Clients

Let’s Chat: What’s your favorite type of client to work with?
Let’s Chat: What questions do you constantly answer for your clients?
POV: Social Media Managers don’t know how to price their services DO YOU?

Take a Poll

Poll: Have you ever fired a client?

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