๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ Mission Control Master List Mission: AI

We feel like 2023 has been the year of AI! In fact, a recent Deloitte study recently that over 50% of organizations are planning on incorporating the use of AI and automation technologies in 2023.

Weโ€™re excited to launch Mission: AI! As social media managers, we are used to social media platforms making constant changes quickly, however, when AI went mainstream early this year it feels like we are in a HUGE RACE!!! The world around is changing at a rate that is unbelievable!

Weโ€™re here to make sure you donโ€™t get left behind!

This is Mission Control. This post is designed to serve as an index to all of the training for the entire AI Mission! Watch for more content added all month long!


:rocket::rocket: Welcome to Mission: AI!

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing with Krissy Buck

Create AI Audio Short Form Videos with Eleven Labs & Canva with Molly Mahoney

How to Use AI Tools to Improve Your Instagram Marketing with Corey C. Walker

Getting Started: ChatGPT Prompts That Actually Work with Stacey Watts

Mission AI: Share Your Favorite AI Resource

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing with This AI-Powered Subject Line Hack with Alan Martin

Transform Your Posts from OK to OMG: Creating Stellar Copy using a Jasper Recipe with Amanda Weston

AI-Powered Success: Empowering Social Media Managers to Be Their Best Faster with Yvonne Heimann

AI Recipe Process for Bloggers with Phyllis Khare

Creating Consistent (jaw dropping) AI Generated Content That Compels and Sells with Wendy Barr

Unleash the Power of AI Tools for Rural Small Biz Marketing with Amy Morales

AI tips for Social Media Managers from Space Friends

Use AI to Create a Social Media Post in 7 Quick Steps with Rebecca Ward

Cool library of ChatGPT prompts

AI-Powered Productivity Hacks for an Army of One Social Media Manager with Troy Sandidge

Asking the Right Questions for Client Needs & Connections with Kaitlyn Halverson

Ignite Your Creativity: Unveiling the Magic of Firefly-Powered Generative Fill with Andrew Kavanagh

5 Ways to Better Leverage ChatGPT for Your Business with Eddie Garrison

The 4C Framework: Generate & Convert Social Media Leads: 2-part sales training with Shawn Quintero

Must Try AI Tools for Your Biz: a Photographerโ€™s View with Heather Wanninger

How to: Turn a Webinar Series into Social Media + Blog with AI with Allie Smith

Discover MidJourney & the Art of AI Prompts with Jonathan Mast

AI Tools for Agency Relationship Building with Jessika Phillips and Mark Suter

OpenAI, the AI Revolution Part 1: Is the Hype Justified? with Benoit Hediard

OpenAI, the AI Revolution, Part 2: Whatโ€™s the Impact on Startups? with Benoit Hediard

Tool Tours

AI Tool Tour: Discover Tome & Supermeme.ai with Mary Barnett aka โ€œMobile Maryโ€
Using AI for LinkedIn Posts: an AI Tool Tour with Phyllis Khare
Great AI Tool with Lots of Voice Tones: a ParagraphAI Tool Tour with Phyllis Khare
AI Tool Tour: Opus Clip - Make Short Form Videos EASILY with Phyllis Khare


Have you used ChatGPT or another AI tool for social posts yet?

Letโ€™s Chat

Letโ€™s Chat: Whatโ€™s your favorite ChatGPT prompt?
Letโ€™s Chat: What do you wish AI could do to make your job easier?
Letโ€™s Chat: How has AI opened up new revenue streams for you?

Office Hours

:alarm_clock: Office Hour: AI-Powered Tools for Modern Marketers - Our AI Short List

:alarm_clock: Office Hour: Insights into AI Tools for Social Media Managers PLUS Magai Tour

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