Mission Control 12 Days of TikTok

Don’t miss this collection of outstanding TikTok training. This is Mission Control. This post is designed to serve as an index to all of the training for the entire 12 Days of TikTok Mission!

KICKING OFF: :snowflake: MISSION 12 DAYS OF TIKTOK :snowflake:

:rocket::rocket: Welcome to Mission: 12 Days of TikTok

THE 1ST DAY OF TIKTOK - December 1st

4 Types Of Content You Should Make For 2023 with Rebekka Reynolds
Watch Office Hours hosted by Phyllis Khare with Dana Bowling and JD Rosman
Share your TikTok account
Share your favorite TikTok accounts

THE 2nd DAY OF TIKTOK - December 2nd

4 Things You Need To Know About UGC with Sean Mari Sagun
Poll: How much time do you spend on TikTok?

THE 3rd DAY OF TIKTOK - December 5th

Theme Content Creation Days with Dana Bowling
Poll: Have you made a TikTok for a client yet?

THE 4th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 6th

Watch TikTok Tech with Dealcasters LIVE with Jim Fuhs, Chris Stone and Deb Mitchell
TikTok Resources
Poll: Have you ever seen a product on TikTok then purchased the item?

THE 5th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 7th

You Don’t Need To Be All Business On TikTok To Help Your Business with Britney Crosson
Let’s Chat: How do you get clients on TikTok

THE 6th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 8th

Building As A TikTok Creator with Cara Maria Leighty

THE 7th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 9th

Making TikTok Trends Your Own with Wave Wyld
Poll: Do you pay attention to TikTok trends?

THE 8th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 12th

TikTok and Search with Jerry Potter

THE 9th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 13th

How I Got Our Brand TikTok to 1M+ Views with Bari Rosenstein
Poll: Have you made a TikTok for your own business yet?

THE 10th DAY OF TIKTOK - December 13th

Why bother building a new audience on TikTok rather than just sticking to Instagram Reels? with Penelope Walker

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