🚨 Meta to launch Threads web version this week (rumor)

Hearing rumblings of a web version coming this week…

Do you care? Will it keep Threads alive?

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I’ll definitely add it to my tabs haha

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So funny…they actually made an official release. Yet I still don’t have it…hearing the same from others too!

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Yes, they say its been rolling out slowly I guess on threads.net… oooh I got it! :slight_smile:

Login with instagram seems to be blocked though… doesn’t let me.

It seems you put your login info for insta and then it shows “login with instagram”

Tried a 1920x1080 video that was 89MB in size, it wouldn’t take it. It did take a 1080x1920 video that was 69MB though. So I don’t know if its the size of the file or the dimensions.

Also uploaded a 5156x3437 1.23MB sized photo which it did take but scaled down horribly it ruined the quality.

Hello everyone! Long time since I’ve been on here, sorry.

Not sure this is the answer for ‘Threads’, honestly. Will it help? Of course. But this platform, from what I’ve seen, is just the same people posting the same stuff they do everywhere else. The bright & shinny has now dimmed & people are back to their regular platforms & postings.

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Agree…the same people. I think the fact that they hooked it to IG was a huge mistake! AND it was (not really sure about now) hard to easily discover new people. Sorry Zuk not a fan!