Meta kills Facebook Classes

Got this email today…

I know @lori you were using this…Anyone else?

You are receiving this email because you have run or attended a Facebook class in the past, and / or have upcoming Facebook classes you plan to run or attend. We want to thank you for being one of the first people to use our initial version of this product. Being an early adopter means you have the opportunity to influence the decisions the company makes for the benefit of our users. As a result of all the valuable feedback we received, we will no longer be providing this product.

While this was a difficult decision to make, we recognize that we still have work to do to make this the type of product we want to offer our community. As an alternative solution, we encourage you to check out our Events product on Facebook, which allows you to organize and attend gatherings (both virtually and in person) and connect with people in your community.

Starting on October 26, 2022, instructors will no longer be able to create new Facebook classes. The last day to run or attend a class will be February 28, 2023. After February 28, 2023, all past and future classes will be deleted. We encourage you to download your past class recordings and classes data (if you have any) to your personal computer(s) before February 28, 2023 if you would like to maintain access.

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Honestly they give and take so much don’t they? And how much data have they gleaned whilst having all those classes run? I can’t help feeling that it was just a way to learn more about behaviours!

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