Meta Certification = employment?

Hello! I’m taking the Meta Social Media Marketing course on Coursera. I’m finding the course to be pretty thorough and well worth the effort to take it. Anke Andendart is a great instructor too. I understand that it’s endorsed by Meta and leads to a Meta certification.

Im curious if anyone here has taken it and earned their certification and if you have had success finding employment through it!


Haven’t taken that one @JonathanDGaby but I was one of the first 500 people in the world to have the Meta Certified Community Manager certification. It’s a nice add on LinkedIn because the badge follows you there and when I want to impress people I tell them. However, I’ve worked at Agorapulse the entire time I’ve had it so it hasn’t impacted getting a new job.


I’d love to hear @lucy 's take on this, since she’s a Meta certified instructor…

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Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for tagging me in @christine

I have the Blueprint certifications in community management, digital marketing associate, Planning and also buying! So a few, along with that I am also a lead trainer for Meta and i train people to pass the digital marketing associate too.

I haven’t heard of the course above but I am sure it’s great. Meta do provide all of the content and learning materials you need to pass the exam, including guides, test sessions and more. Head to the Meta Blueprint pages and check them all out.

Christine from your question, I can confirm that having the Meta certifications is great for marketing your own services and agency offerings but employers also look at these as well. The planning and buying exams are tough! So if you pass them it shows your proficiency in meta products especially ads.

If anyone has any questions on the Meta Blueprint training or exams I am more than happy to answer them!

Good Luck with the Exam


I did the inaugural associate exam and it was comprehensive but i found it stressful. The one thing in my life that really causes anxiety for me in exams :smile: I passed (and it is very interesting doing virtual exams) but there is an expiry date and for me it didn’t really lead to anything so i chose not to do it again. That said it’s a valuable experience and I do think it provides confidence for some employers so worthwhile.

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The exams cost about $300 each, is that right? I’ve always wondered if they’re worth doing.

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I did the Community Manager one for free because it was totally new and Facebook offered community managers a special code at a community building event

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Do you have to annually renew it Deb? I went to start it and then got sidetracked. My brain doesnt think the way they write stuff (or maybe it was covid fog but I remember not loving the way it was written). I should revisit. I did the Facebook digital partner one when it was new and as I was offered the Pilot with Mari Smith so we didn’t pay for that. We had 2 years on it and then you have to do it again. I have never liked doing exams and find them stressful. I didn’t feel it helped me so have not renewed.

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oooo… something to add to my ToDo list! I just finished the Facebook Classes Instructor Program. No certification, but I certainly list it and mention it since it was an invite-only program. I appreciated their guidance and support in learning the new way to teach classes ON Facebook. Still some glitches, but they’ve been receptive to our feedback and have been making appropriate fixes.


I think it might be every 2 years…mind is up and I need to re-new!