Merging Brand Social Profiles - Any Pro Tips?

The company I work for was acquired over a year ago and we’re finally getting ready to merge our social presence. :tada: :scream:

I’ve been doing a lot of research into best practices but would love any advice if anyone has ever been-there-done-that.

The acquiring company will absorb the profiles wherever possible. In the case of Twitter, I am recommending renaming the account of the acquired company and making it more of a “product” type profile. It is verified where the acquiring company’s profile is not and I’d hate to lose that + the followers.

Anyway, if you have any advice I am all :eyes: Thanks in advance!

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It’s so much harder than it should be!

On Facebook, it will definitely have to begin with re-naming if you’re going to merge them. This is a baby-steps process: you need to rename the one that’s changing to something that is closer to and/or incorporates the name of the one you’re merging it with, wait until it lets you change the name again (there’s a limited number of times you can do it, and you need to wait), then change it to the SAME name, wait, then request a merge. It won’t let you merge unless the names are the same, nor will it let you do it right away. Very annoying.

(If I’m wrong here, anyone is very welcome to speak up and correct me—but this is how I’ve had to do it for clients in the past!)

I don’t think Instagram does let you merge accounts. @jenn let me know if this is incorrect.

I’d say your plan for the two Twitter accounts is a good one; verification is hard to get!

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Thanks, Christine! I do think I read that about IG, which is a shame. You’re right – it’s so much harder than it should be!

Yes, unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to merge accounts. This video explains more and offers a little guidance on what you can do: Can You Merge Instagram Accounts? - YouTube