🎥 Melanie Boylan on Why Social Media Is Not Enough

Melanie Boylan

Melanie Boylan owns STOMP Social Media Training and is a communication education expert.

We caught up with Melanie at #kickstart-dublin and asked her about why social media isn’t enough, how to know where you should (or shouldn’t) be online, and what the heck to post!

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Why social media is not enough

I don’t think social media is enough as a marketing tool for business primarily due to the fact that not all of your audience is going to be there, not all the time anyway.

There is a place for traditional PR—now, I probably would say that, being a journalist and a blogger and podcaster!

If you can convey your message in lots of different ways, your audience will absorb it so much better.

People listen to podcasts—they’re driving somewhere, they go on the radio—and they do read blogs. They do actually, genuinely look up search terms in a Google search or a Bing search, and they find your blog.

Deciding where to be (and not be) online

The best way to look at it is: who is your ideal customer first?

Once you work out who your ideal customer is, then work out the peripheries to those ideal customers. You’ll find, for example, that the majority of people over 30 will be on Facebook; under 30 will be on Instagram; it’s kind of all over the place with Twitter and TikTok and heaven knows where else

In my opinion, I think everybody should have a website first, have Google Business Profile second, and then find the appropriate social media platform that they need to be on, depending on who their ideal customer is. Then you can always add social media platforms later; you don’t have to do them all at once.

Content creation

Now, another very big question I get frequently asked is:
“What the heck am I going to put up on my social media?”
“What am I going to put up on my website?”
“What am I going to put on my sandwich boards?”

It’s a real quandary for so many businesses, but that’s because you are in your business.

Do you know who you need to ask?

Your customer!

You need to ask them how they find you in a search. What drew them to you in the first place? Ask your friends and family. You’ve got to try and work out the language, the love language of your audience, and create content.

And then repurpose, and then reshare, because one major criticism I have of a lot of small business owners is they spend hours creating some amazing content and they never share it again. So, share again!

Melanie Boylan @melanie
Social Media Trainer, Digital Marketer, Journalist

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How do you choose to allocate your own limited content-creation and social-engagement resources?

I focus on the 20% of the things that have 80% of the impact. That means that I am very intentional in where I am posting, what I am posting, and who I am targeting. I have also optimized my profiles and pages to work for me and make it easy for my audience to know immediately what they need to do to work with me (or my clients).

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It’s so important to do that, @lori ! We need to stick to what’s serving us best—and that’s not always what’s taking the most effort. :heart: