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Amanda Robinson

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@tank asked:

Screen shot of a post which reads: So, I’ve not been able to get a straight answer yet about standard practices for in-house social media managers. For example, it sort of drives me nuts that I have to have my personal FB account connected to my employer’s account to manage (Administer) their business Pages. With organic postings there’s not too much of an issue, but with Ads Manager it gets weird. I still (after 3 months) have not been able to set up a pixel or conversions API, which has me thinking it has to do with my personal account being connected. I even have profile pictures of me (that I never uploaded) that auto populate placements for the business Page Ads I create! So, my question is, is there another way to go about managing social media for someone else’s business?

@amanda 's response:

Here is how it breaks down… and DO NOT miss the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) step!

  • You have a personal profile with 2FA turned on
  • You need your own Business Page (your own, not a client’s)
  • You need your own Business Account. This gives you a Business ID that you can find in Settings > More Business Settings > Business Info

Next you can help walk a client through this…

  • Client has a Personal Profile with 2FA turned on
  • Client has a Business Page
  • Client has an Instagram Business Profile linked to their Page
  • Client creates their own Business Account
  • Client has their own Ad Account created inside that Business Account & credit card attached
  • Client has their own pixel inside that Business Account
  • Client verifies their domain inside that Business Account
  • Client adds your Business Account as a “Partner” using your Business ID, not as a person.
  • Client assigns the Page, Instagram, Ad Account, & Pixel to your Business as a Partner

Ok. The client has done their part. Now head back into your own Business Account. You will now see the client’s Page, Instagram, Ad Account, & Pixel showing up inside your Business Account, but you need to do one last step of adding yourself as a person to each of those assets inside of your own business account.

  • Add yourself to their Page
  • Add yourself to their Instagram
  • Add yourself to their Ad Account
  • Go to their Pixel (under Data Sources) and accept the permissions, then add yourself to the Pixel

When all of this is done, you will be properly set up on the client’s accounts to manage their page and ads via your Business Account.

I know it sounds like a lot! But this will prevent a lot of the issues you have experienced and it protects you as a Business.

How do I know if I already have a Business Account?

When you go to Business Suite www.business.facebook.com you should see a “Settings” icon at the bottom left. Pages that have not been attached to a Business Account are missing this.

How to create a Business Account

Go to Meta Business Suite and Business Manager overview and Create an Account. Only do this if you do not already have one created.

And last but not least, all of this magic (at the time of writing this post) for adding a Partner to a business takes place in Settings > More Business Settings and looks like this:

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Thanks Amada. This is the guide that I’ve been using. I’m on the step where my client (boss) has a business account and I added his ad account to the business account with payment setup. I don’t want to move forward until I can get his other Page (Page #2) added to the account. The business account already contains Page #1. I requested to add Page 2 to business account and it is pending approval. However, no email was sent. And now when I go to delete the request and start over, I get a reply that says “permission error”.

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