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Louise Brogan

Louise Brogan runs an agency offering LinkedIn done-for-you marketing.

We caught up with Louise at #kickstart-dublin and asked her about Company Pages, what to post on LinkedIn, and the proper etiquette for LinkedIn InMail.

Find Louise at LouiseBrogan.com.

Company pages

One of the best ways to use company pages is actually to engage your team and use employee advocacy so that your team are on board with helping you to promote your company. And actually, when you create content on your company page, you’re helping your employees and your team to raise their own profiles by sharing the content across their network, which in turn drives people back to your company page.

LinkedIn content strategy

When you create content that answers their frequently asked questions, you become known as the expert in your field. If you focus on creating content on those things that help your clients, you attract the right people to you become your customers and clients.

You want to really build a network for people who want to know about the answers to the questions you’re creating content on. It’s about building a quality network of people who want to know what it is that you talk about, rather than just connecting with anybody and everybody and hoping that when you put something up there that you get engagement, just on the off chance that the right person is looking at it at the right time.

InMail etiquette

When you connect with somebody on LinkedIn, I really would love you to send a message when you’re connecting with them. Take a bit of time over there to go and look and see what they’ve created content on recently, what does it say on their profile, and connect with them and comment on something that they have talked about. Then it becomes much more like a natural conversation.

I think LinkedIn is like being at an online version of your favorite industry conference: you would not walk up to somebody and immediately say to them, “Here, buy my stuff.” You would say, “Hey, Christine, how are you? It’s great to see you at this event. And what did you think of the speakers we just saw on stage?”

Have a conversation with people that leads naturally to them wanting to know more about you and what you do rather than just going, “Here. This is what I do. Do you want to buy our services or products?”

Louise Brogan @louise
LinkedIn Marketing Agency Owner, host of the LinkedIn with Louise podcast and YouTube channel, living in Northern Ireland.

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What has brought you the most success on LinkedIn?


Great advice on the InMail etiquette @louise I’ve been overrun lately with those ‘bad’ requests. I give them one chance and then unconnect from those new connections if they pitch me straight away!


Love the part about remembering to address FAQ’s. We do this quite frequently on behalf of our clients as well. LinkedIn is by far the highest-performing platform for. most of our clients, so it’s important to be spending the time and doing it right.

@louise this is great. I have a question… I get A LOT of LinkedIn DM’s that are just sales pitches or professional esk “friend” connections. I am wondering what your thoughts are with sending a DM to someone that you want to connect with.

Say that you have only commented on their content once or twice, but you want them to recognize that you want to engage with them. Do you have an example DM that you might send?

I have gotten A LOT of these and find it very hard to connect with those that are sending me different messages. I have also started to find it hard to determine what is real and what is fake!