Losing followers on IG while impressions and engagement are going up

Hello! I’ve run into a weird problem with my business IG account where our impressions and engagement are increasing but we’re losing followers at a rapid rate. We’ve lost ~1,000 followers in the last 1.5 months. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what you’ve done to identify A) what is happening, who is unfollowing and why, and B) how to stop bleeding followers.


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Hey Megan welcome to the community!

Could just be that insta is pruning inactive/bot accounts from your account? The impressions going up is re-assuring.

Instagram doesn’t send out your posts to everyone, so if it’s culling inactive followers/bots then your posts are reaching actual people. I believe that is why you’re seeing an increase in impressions and engagement. Due to the fact actual people are getting your posts and reacting which in turn helps reach others. I’d think you will probably see a net positive in followers in the coming months.

That’s just my guess, but will be interesting to hear the @Instagram_Experts thoughts on this as well.

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Interesting insights, thanks for your help!

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Hi @megan5 thanks for posting your question! Love @eternalkaz thoughts. I agree…engagement is so much more important than number of followers! Keep an eye on things and keep us posted! @Instagram_Experts might have something they can add too!

At the end of the day forget the vanity numbers and focus on the numbers that matter!

Are people engaging / showing interest & enquiring?

These people matter most!!

Double down on serving them & growing through them… by referrals & recommendations!!