🎥 Listing Your Services on Your Website

Phyllis Khare

Ready to launch your website as a social media manager and reach for the stars? :rocket:

We’ve got some great tips to share with you! :fire:

First, make sure your website is crystal clear about who you work with. :star2: Once that’s set, it’s time to showcase your skills and rocket your way to success! :dizzy:

But let’s not get lost in a black hole of information overload on your services page. :milky_way: Keep it simple, let your testimonials speak for you, and blast off to new heights! :rocket:

And speaking of communication, make sure it’s easy for potential clients to contact you. :telephone_receiver: Whether it’s a phone number or an email address, make sure it’s orbiting front and center. :satellite:

Now, let’s talk about capturing those email addresses. :computer: Offering a juicy freebie is like a gravitational pull that attracts potential clients to your orbit. :gift:

And if you really want to shine like a shooting star, start a blog! :speech_balloon: Not only will it boost your website’s SEO, but it’ll also showcase your expertise and draw in new clients like a magnet. :muscle:

So, are you ready for takeoff? :tipping_hand_woman: Put these tips into orbit and watch your website soar to new heights!

Phyllis Khare @phylliskhare
I’m the original Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School, now powered by Agorapulse and re-designed here in the Social Media Pulse Community.

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