LinkedIn Strategy Template

Wonder if anyone can share a high-level template the use for Social Media Strategy? I picked up my first new client, and we discussed what I would do for them, but I just need a guide in populating the various section so that it is professionally laid out.



Hi @socialsellingwarrior thanks for posting!!! Congrats on the new client! We’ve got an excellent course on LinkedIn…going to tag @ruthbinman and @phylliskhare to see if we have a resource included that matches your request.


Hi @socialsellingwarrior - I don’t have a template that focuses only on LinkedIn, but I’d love to create one based on the book that @judihays wrote as that’s one of the best ways to look at LinkedIn (Elevate - Expand - Engage). Also - here’s a great search results page about using LinkedIn here in the Community Topics tagged linkedin and as far as making it look nice… there are some FAB templates for this on Canva – here’s another search results page for “marketing strategy” Hope that helps a bit Con – but I’d love to get one built by us in the Academy soon!


Where do I find the so-called LI course?

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Hi @socialsellingwarrior all our courses are listed here

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