🎥 LinkedIn’s New Podcast Network (Winnie Sun)

Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun is a managing partner at Sun Group Wealth Partners. She also hosts Level Up, a program airing on NASDAQ, CW, San Francisco, Amazon Firewall, CNN, and other platforms, and has recently launched a new podcast, Yes Factor, as part of the brand-new LinkedIn Podcast Network.

What is the LinkedIn Podcast Network?

LinkedIn, as you know, is a huge powerhouse in the social media space; they’ve launched live streaming, they’ve launched audio events, and now they’re introducing their new Podcast Network, which debuts with 10 carefully-selected creators in different industries. They’re taking our shows and we’re launching on their platform and they’re bringing in all these resources for us: we’re getting coached, we’re getting advice, we’re getting to meet and collaborate with incredible creators and the LinkedIn team themselves on some best practices, and really making sure that our shows are well-received and they’re the best that they can be.

When I think about the LinkedIn podcast network, I think about really that next level of podcast. It’s not like radio shows or podcasts anymore, which I’ve done a lot through the years; it’s now really creating a creator ecosystem, if you will, where there’s so many moving parts.

Why do you think LinkedIn entered the podcasting arena now?

I can’t speak for LinkedIn, but I do know that the team has been thinking about this for some time. They launched with their own LinkedIn editors—for example, Jessi Hempel is phenomenal. She started Hello Monday and her podcast has done very, very well.

I think what they wanted to do is one to see how much interest there was in this as a sector for their community. And based on those tests, they could see that there was tremendous volume of appetite for this content within their community. So why not bring it to their community—really create content that was specific maybe to hiring, to career development, the great resignation, business finance, personal finance, all these topics that they know that their community wants—why not have it be available on the same platform, right? So then you’re continuing to keep your audience and your community there engaged. So the newsletter, for example: it’s not an outside newsletter that we’re sharing out. It’s a newsletter that is actually shared to our connections and our followers within the LinkedIn silo.

I think when LinkedIn does something, they are very careful to think through how they can make something that’s relevant to their users and their communities, and to make sure it makes sense. Obviously podcasting has been very popular for quite a long time now, but they’re thinking, “What else can we bring to our users through our communities that could be coupled with their newsletter, their different posts, right? How can people find jobs?” It’s just another avenue for their audience that they know will resonate and that can create more value for LinkedIn.

How can people get involved with the LinkedIn Podcast Network?

I’ve had so many people reach out to me: how can I get on the LinkedIn podcast network? So I’ll tell you: absolutely, the team is very gung-ho. They’re very excited about this new platform. They recognize that there’s a lot of great creators they haven’t had a chance to meet yet. So this is what I would say, I’m going to share this tip with you. There’s an email you can email them at: [email protected] (for LinkedIn Podcast Network). You can go ahead and reach out and say, “I have an interest in podcasting, or I have an existing podcast I would like to share on LinkedIn podcast network.”

And they’re going to be very thoughtful. They’re probably not going to respond to everybody so quickly, but do know they are paying attention to who’s reaching out.

The other thing I would say too, is if you are excited about this, you’re excited about getting on the LinkedIn platform, I highly recommend that you be active and posting on LinkedIn, whether it be traditional posts, whether it be video, whether joining audio events. This is an area that my team and I are investing a lot of our efforts in, and I will suggest you do the same if you want to get on their radar.

And by the way, if you get on their radar, I will promise you some of the nicest people, nicest humans you’ll ever meet. So you’ll be glad that you did.

Where can people find you?

Check out my podcast, Yes Factor. It’s still new, so let me know your feedback. Let me know what you think of it, how I can make it better. Or if there’s a question I should have asked a guest, or even if there’s a guest that should be on my radar, definitely don’t be shy, I would love to hear and appreciate the comments.

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I wonder if they will accept an RSS feed for my podcast?

They help produce the podcasts; I don’t think they just grab it as-is. So they’d probably change the distribution method as well. But hey, worth asking them & giving it a shot!