LINKEDIN NEWSLETTERS - a couple of questions

  1. What happens to your newsletters/subscribers if you switch off Creator mode?
  2. I ask because I’ve heard a few people are switching away after using it for a period of time, why might they do this? What are the cons for creator mode?
  3. When you create a newsletter does it automatically create an article too (I’ve not done one as yet - still sat on the fence tbh :dizzy_face:)
  4. I have a couple of clients who have switched and are doing newsletters but I haven’t seen any of them as yet. Not in the feed, notifications or via email - why might this be?

Sorry for all the questions, just getting my head around it.



@christine has been creating the Social Media Pulse LinkedIn newsletter so she might be able to answer!

ps here’s our newsletter if you want to see what it looks like


Great, thank you @deb. Rx

Hi! I’m admittedly not a huge expert on this, but I think:

  1. I suspect you lose the feature if you turn off Creator Mode, but it depends; some influential individuals got the feature before Creator Mode was even a thing. Plus I’m not sure how that impacts the ability of Company Pages to put out Newsletters (I think they still can).
  2. I can’t see any cons to Creator Mode—EXCEPT, anecdotally, I feel like my more recent posts don’t show up the same way in Recent Activity. Might just be a glitch. But I don’t see any reason why someone would stop using it.
  3. The way you do a newsletter is by going as if you’re creating an Article, and then choosing to do a Newsletter. I haven’t done a Newsletter as myself, personally (just as the SMP company page), but I don’t think it creates a separate article; I think they live in the same place. I suspect the main difference is that Newsletters notify subscribers.
  4. Did you subscribe to their newsletters? You have to click to subscribe.

Hi @christine

Thanks for your comments.

  1. I understand that you can flip between the two, what I don’t understand is what happens to your newsletters if you flip back? Do they just become invisible and if you flip back to creator mode again they re-appear or do they get deleted?

  2. Maybe this is one of the reasons people are switching away from creator mode? There must be something happening if several people are flipping back although I do know that the Recent Activity only shows YOUR activity in Creator Mode not all the other stuff it showed before?? “I feel like my more recent posts don’t show up the same way in Recent Activity”?

  3. I’ve seen the newsletter button within the article section, I just wondered if it created an article too. Will assume not!

  4. My understanding is/was that when a newsletter goes out it appears in the newsfeed/notifications/email and invitation area of followers. If LI automatically turns your connections into followers and I am therefore a follower then why don’t I see these OR do you literally have to be a true follower ie have followed the page not a connection switched to a follower? If you only have a few true followers then it seems a bit pointless!


I thought you had to subscribe - i had so many invitations when they started that it totally put me off. I already get way too much email i can’t read through and am constantly unsubscribing so it just didn’t appeal to me.

that said i’m not sure what happens to their articles in a newsletter as they do appear to anyone as you say. One assumed the content wouldn’t be deleted.

Not sure if this help file gives any more insight

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