LinkedIn Live Video and Audio Best Practices

I’ve been asked to run a LinkedIn Live for a client and I have no idea what I’m doing! I would be behind the scenes and he will be talking with another consultant on video. Total screen time would be less than 30 minutes.

We’d like to run it through LinkedIn events and then be able to download and save the video for other purposes.

If you’ve run specifically a LinkedIn LIVE (video or audio) I would love to hear your experiences with it.

What is the best third party tool to use? What have you used and what do you like about it?

Is there a use case for running it through a LinkedIn profile vs a company page? Does number of connections matter? Number of followers?

How did you get the word out? Did you use the built in LinkedIn Events invite?

Please share or cite any good tutorials you’ve come across to get up to speed for newbies.


I think that @ruthbinman @christine and @paul and @phylliskhare have some great insights on this with them hosting LinkedIn lives for SMP.

Not sure if they use Streamyard, but since you’re dealing with guests I would think that would be a good software. I use just OBS Studio but I don’t have a guest to deal with.

Here’s a tutorial video: StreamYard Tutorial for Beginners | How To Live Stream for FREE! - YouTube

As for the rest of the questions, I’ll leave it to the LinkedIn pros.


Thanks, Kaz! Yes, we do use Streamyard here. I’ve also done LinkedIn Live on Restream, and via running Ecamm through Restream.

I’ve been doing LinkedIn Live as a destination for long enough that I wasn’t even ABLE to do it on my company page when I started… I think in general things on LinkedIn get more reach always when you do them as a person rather than a page, but I’m happy to be corrected on that if I’m wrong when it comes to livestreams.

LinkedIn Events are indeed a good way to get the word out about these.


@EdTroxell and @maryfainbrandt might have something to add! Also look at Ed’s Scaling with LinkedIn Video


I’m so glad you asked this question in here @judihays as there are lots of pros to help out. If you decide to use streamyard, the thing you’ll need to work out is if you open it up you’ll only be able to connect a LinkedIn Page that you are an Admin of – or YOUR personal LinkedIn account. If you want HIS personal LinkedIn profile to air the live he’ll need to share the announcement post on the Page to his personal feed. Happy to work it all out with you tomorrow. Sounds like a fun opportunity.


Thanks @deb and great question @judihays.

LinkedIn still requires that you use a third party tool – like the ones others have mentioned, StreamYard is a popular one, Restream, and a new one that I’ve been using Melon, all of which basically function the same.

You will want to do a test run to make sure you are aware of all the settings and what buttons you should click on and when. Also, you’ll be able to download your video from any of those programs as well so you can repurpose it later :raised_hands:.

I hope that is helpful and don’t forget to have fun with it too! :slight_smile:


@judihays I’ve been doing Linkedin Live for years. Streamyard is the easiest tool by far.
I’m happy to jump on a quick call with you if you want to talk it through.

  1. Check your settings the day before and again when you log in. Mics and headsets get disconnected.
  2. You can easily download the video from StreamYard - and now you can record each person separately if you like (good to have if someone has poor internet, bad sound or wonky video going on)
  3. TEST TEST TEST- get used to the platform know where things are - on Streamyard you can add branding by creating an overlay with the clients logo or tagline if you like (easy peezy to do- jut use Canva)
  4. Know that you can bring comments on the screen - viewers love seeing their name flash across the bottom of the screen.
    Here is you need me!

Looks like Streamyard from the company page (for this particular project) is the way to go… QUESTION ABOUT SET UP - do you create the event FIRST in LinkedIn and then “use existing” when creating a live stream within Streamyard? OR create it in StreamYard FIRST and then add the link to a LI event afterwards? What’s the advantage one way or the other?


@judihays you would log into Streamyard first and connect your LinkedIn account.

From there, schedule your broadcast and select your LinkedIn account as the destination.

Once scheduled, LinkedIn will automatically create a post and a LinkedIn event.

To encourage viewers to participate live, I recommend sharing the LinkedIn event public URL.

Have fun!