Linkedin experts - recruiting a geologist?

I have a client who wants help recruiting a geologist! Apparently there are limited Uni courses so the grad pool has gone and it’s now very difficult to find them so she is turning to LinkedIn. She tried the Uni websites.

Anyone ever had to do this before?

Any suggestions for using LinkedIn other than targeting the competition’s staff and using ads would be greatly received.

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@judihays @judiwfox @maryfainbrandt @aj1 wondering if any of you have suggestions

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A quick search for GEOLOGIST brought up 242,000 results. So from there you can add filters to narrow down by location, education, experience, etc.

What trade associations might they belong to?

What publications might they read?

Look at members in Geologist focused groups on LI

Search for content for geologists and see who is engaging with it.

Take a look at jobs for Geologist to see which ones have the highest applicants. Look at the keywords they are using.

Or you could post a job on LI - there’s an option to do this for free, or to pay a small amount (you set daily limit) for wider exposure. Just be very specific with what you are looking for and set the filters.


Thanks again @judihays - certainly lots for them to do :wink: Rx


I know @deb asked to avoid ads, but when recruiting, you don’t have to spend much of a budget (compared to leadgen). I would recommend targeting those who have the geologist degrees in the geography you’re looking for. A separate campaign targeting job titles of Geologist (@judihays’ recommendations on searching would work the same way with ad targeting) could be great.

I also know you mentioned that you’d like to avoid targeting competitors’ staff, so you could always exclude the company names of competitors from your ads that you’d like to avoid poaching from.

Ads are great, because as soon as you get enough applicants for the position, you can just shut it off.


Cheers @aj1 that’s great. Rx