LinkedIn Event Gurus Can You Help

This is a message I have received from a client,

"I usually create an event on my business page for my Friday session. I put my Acuity link in as the event registration link as people need to register there (and pay) to get the email triggered by Acuity that gives confirmation, instructions and Zoom joining link.

This week (I just learned now) someone clicked attending and was sent an email from LinkedIn saying they had registered. But of course I don’t have any record in my system that they’re attending because it didn’t come through Acuity.

Is this a one-off glitch that she received an email from LinkedIn? Or something new? Or has it always been this way? I wonder how many people I’ve “missed” because they thought they’d registered but hadn’t so never received the Zoom link…"

BASICALLY what she wants to know is…
“how did LI send this person an email? What triggered that and is there a way to shut it off?”

I actually do her Friday session and book through LinkedIn but I have never received this email from LI? I’m curious too how this happens.

Many thanks in advance.

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Any thoughts anybody?? Rx

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@hello2 I know you do a ton of LinkedIn events…do you have any suggestions?

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@rachel1 I did a little googling…not sure if this will help or not

found this page that tells you how to Create or Edit a LinkedIn Event

Looks like they have a HELP LINK if you need assistance

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@rachel1 and @deb
There is a misconception that marking attending is the same as “registering”.
There are both free and paid events on LinkedIn. Rachel you have a paid event directing traffic to Acuity to have them sign up.
however, when someone simply marks “attending” on a LinkedIn event, Linkedin sends them an email or rather a series of emails.

  1. Mark your calendar you’re attending the MFB show.
  2. A reminder email the day of (I believe)

So I think that person marked attending the event but did not register for it via your link. It’s a slippery slope and happens. I suggest looking at who has marked attending the event but not registered for it and sending them a DM with a scripted message.

I hope this helps.


Thank you @hello2 that makes total sense. I will advise my client. Many thanks for clarifying this, I really appreciate it. Rx


Thanks @deb will have a read. Appreciate your help. Rx

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It’s tricky😉 but once you know how events work it’s magical!

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I’m about to start using them so I maybe back with more questions @hello2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Rx