LinkedIn Document Posting — Help With Quality?

Hi all! I am wondering if anyone has a foolproof way to posting PDFs on LinkedIn while keeping close to the original quality. The recommendations online are all over the place, so I’m wondering if anyone has a good way to transfer either a group of PNG or PDF files into one PDF file for upload, and still make it look alright.

I know that LI compresses them in the feed, but the times I’ve tried still look blurrier than I’d like. Thank you in advance!

Hi @nico great to see your post!!! We’ve got a great group of @LinkedIn_Experts in Social Media Pulse so I will ping them to see if they have any suggestions!!

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Thank you so much, Deb! I appreciate it!

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Hey @Nico!

A few questions. Are you creating your PDFs in Canva or like Indesign or similar programs?

Have you tried exporting as a PDF and then use PDF to PNG online to upload and re-export?

We’ve used that a lot to retain quality and crispness of images and text for those type of carousel pieces.

If you are trying to upload as a PDF with the highest res I know some still use Slideshare or lower the export PDF quality slightly to upload it’s about the same to that standard if that makes sense.

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I use Canva to create my document posts. Carousels are now the term used for multiple page documents. I find if you keep the content simple and easy to read it comes across better. Canva has a LinkedIn carousel template you can use after you import your images and/or PDFs.

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Thank you! I’ve been using Photoshop to export them all together as a PDF & that’s been the best I could get it, but I can try your tips here with Slideshare too, thank you!

This is great, I didn’t even think to use Canva yet. I’ll test this out too!