LinkedIn Audio Events - nice!

If you go here Sign Up | LinkedIn ((linkedin. com/mynetwork)) and scroll down a bit - you should see a section for Audio Events for you –

and if you click See All - you’ll see a bunch of audio events coming up. I imagine these are based on the topics and people you follow. I bet @judihays knows all about these things. I did, too, but just in passing.

I imagine these are similar to TwitterSpaces. I’ll be attending one later tonight.


I’m going to be moving my Spaces show over to LinkedIn audio at the beginning of Feb. I have the option to create a Live audio but I’d love to know if anyone has any tips beyond that.


We’ll see if we can find some tips for you @amanda1 but also keep us in the loop with your direct experience. Sounds like fun!

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I have a call with my co-host today so I’ll let you know!


We’re going to be running one on Jan 13th at 9am EST if you care to join in for the experience. Feels very much like Clubhouse @amanda1

There is still the matter of being able to record with the correct permissions etc. Its super easy to use and I saw you could use it on both computer and mobile (not at the same time).

Did the test on the weekend. The hands up feature is good as well.


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I have a call at the same time but do you have a link so I can jump in if I get off early?

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Sure thing - In conversation with Jason Gibb of Bread & Jam [A Studio Digita Uk Chat] | LinkedIn

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Annoyingly I have a meeting at the bank at 2:30 so I may miss most of this :frowning:

Hey Amanda - Happy to talk about the experience and lining up a few more. I do wish I could repurpose these but there is something about “in the moment” too!

Sent a DM - Thanks again for your support on my Linkedin Audio show today … :slight_smile:

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I’m going to copy what I wrote in the private Message @ChiefCoffeeDrinker - as many could benefit from your response –

You are welcome - I enjoyed listening! I set an alarm in my calendar to make sure I was there, but the LinkedIn notification system worked beautifully! It’s a nice set up from the outside. How was it from the inside?

Hey @phylliskhare

  1. There is a pre-event green room -ish for the host and any of the people that you have invited as a speaker. Still had to help the speaker since it wasn’t clear to them if they could join earlier. Tip - plan for 5-10 mins of pre meeting to set the stage and warm up.

  2. Once the event goes live - be prepared! Everyone drops in all at once so you go from 0-20 participants in our case very fast. Tip - We had 56 attendees sign up / We got 20 ppl at Peak. So I believe if done right you can expect a 45 to 50% event participation based off sign ups.

  3. I thought it was cool to be able to invite other people up on the virtual stage. The neat thing that we discovered in real time was you can click on any partipant and see their top line linkedin information. While I mentioned people could raise their hands to come up, its a bit clunky for the host… simple but you still have to click on that participant. On the other hand, very easy to have people leave the stage when they are finished. In our case - we were just calling people up to say hi and tell us a bit about their businesses. Tip - Remember to tell people they can raise their hands and where to find the mute button. Also encourage people to use the reactions buttons.

  4. Being able to network or provide links - From what I could tell, you can only post links or network with each other from the event page itself. Tip - I would encourage others doing linkedIn audio to have any other docs or links to podcasts etc … drop them into the conversation prior to starting your linkedin audio.

While I lement the lack of recording functionality - its kinda cool to have these “in the moment” conversations. The real juice came from the fact that my entire network got notified and a few participants came literally because they saw I doing a conversation.

Last tips:

There is a nice LinkedIn pdf for audio chats. Most may know this already but good to have a week in advance… then a post 3 days…1 day… morning of and then go live.

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Thank you SO much for all of this @ChiefCoffeeDrinker MUCH appreciated. I hope more people find their way into doing LinkedIn Audio. I think it’s got great potential.

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