LinkedIn At Various Points of a Career Journey (Rebecca Corvese)

Phyllis Khare interviews Rebecca Corvese about her career history and how LinkedIn has factored in at various points in her journey.


  • Rebecca’s earlier career doing online marketing for clients as a social media manager and more, and what she’s doing now

  • How Rebecca’s background in social media informs her work as a recruiter

  • How Rebecca uses Linkedin in her job now as compared to how she used it as a social media manager

  • What Rebecca considers the most important sections of a Linkedin profile based on her work and based on her previous experience

  • How Rebecca stays centered and happy while working online

  • The best parts and the worst parts of working as a social media manager

Rebecca Corvese @racorvese
Rebecca was in marketing most of her career, but during the pandemic switched to talent acquisition to help those who were out of work. She now works for Trellix, a $2B cybersecurity company.

Phyllis Khare @phylliskhare
I’m the original Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School, now powered by Agorapulse and re-designed here in the Social Media Pulse Community.

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How has your own use of LinkedIn changed over the course of your career?

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LOVE seeing an OG Social Media Manager School student!!!


It’s ALWAYS great connecting with the AMAZING OG group! I’m still in contact with many of them!