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Great topic – let’s bump this and see if we can’t scare anyone up :ghost:

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When I started Tiktok in like 2019, I started by doing face videos and some gaming clips from my streams. I kept going with that for a bit until I stopped doing Tiktok vids. Recently I noticed a new format which was the carousel format and I tried that and it went relatively well.

I should probably continue to do those.

I also don’t make videos in the app. I do them out of the app and upload them. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see a reason to make it on the app. It’s probably limiting, unless you’re doing something like filters I guess, which personally I don’t.

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1000% Yes! TikTok is a great platform to reach new audiences. I used to only post funny skits and travel videos. Now, I’m transitioning to education content about social media and video marketing with talking head videos.

Kind of cliche but I love the for you page for TikTok. I think the algorithm does a really good job of suggesting to me videos that I’m interested in. More interestingly, I like how the algorithm also knows what my friends are watching and suggest that content to me as well. That way, I can relate to many of my friends when there is a viral video or funny videos that we both happened to see on each of our for you pages.

Not necessarily a thing that I hate but I think editing on TikTok is still a pain. I tried editing in app before but it’s not as user-friendly in my opinion when it comes to more creative edits. Don’t get me wrong, I think the editing tool is great, but especially when it comes to creating engaging captions (with colors, and gifs) or trying to time your footage with the beat can be a headache sometimes.

However, overall, I think the app is great, I help many of my clients edit their TikTok and see great successes on the platform. Plus, it’s so fun to participate in viral trends or trending audio to be a part of a larger community.


Nice to meet you Brandon.

The only thing I like about the editor was being able to add the text voice and captioning, but maybe they’ve upgraded it some. I thought they were supposed to start captioning videos automatically now but I’m not sure. I think having captions on the videos are a big plus when people are scrolling or don’t have their volume on.

I don’t see Tiktok as a social platform, and I think someone in the community said that Tiktok themselves said they are an entertainment platform. I don’t really see a big reason to friend anyone there. If I share tiktoks I tend to send them out of the app itself.

But I’m a bit of an odd user I suppose since I can see the value for participating in viral trends, but I don’t do them. I think it really depends on the channel. Unless it really fits your branding, I’m not sure if just going into viral trends to do so would benefit.

For you page seems to be hit and miss for me. There’s been some really funny stuff out there and then totally irrelevant stuff. But I prefer it that way I think. Personally, I don’t want the algorithm to figure out what I like and don’t like, but that’s my own conflicting feelings about algorithms and privacy.