Let's Talk Sales Pages & Packages

Selling is TOUGH! At least for me. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around if we should do packages for our clients or if we should offer three different services and then let them pick which ones they want. For example Wholesome Media offers Social Media Strategy, Content Management Strategy, and Community Management Strategy.

When we first started our business it was very much three different packages that focused on the number of posts, the amount of engagement time, and a few other things. Last year we shifted into five different services that people could purchase but haven’t gotten much traction there. So, I am thinking that we just push it down to three services and then market just those three. If a business wants all three then we can build our a proposal for all three, if they only want one, we can do that too.

I would love to know how you are building your packages as social media managers and or social media agencies!

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I’m going to tag a few agency friends to get the conversation going! Hope others join in too! Feel free to share you sales pages links if you’d like!

@shannon1 I know things are growing for you…do you do packages?

@EddieGarrison you are usually willing to shaređź’™ Does your agency do packages?

@Lee Goff do you have any advice?

@rob I know your clients are small businesses…do you have pre-built packages?

@melissa5 what’s your agency do about packages?

@Debs-TheChichesterSocial I know you mentioned you get business from referrals…but are you sending them to packages?

@joseph does your agency do packages? Is that how you are handling the SEO+Social combo?

@meredith1 I know you are creating customized stuff…how do you handle your pricing?


@deb we do indeed offer packages.
We offer three levels.
Our top level is:
Social Media Superstar (In It to Win It) - this package includes the full treatment of larger volume of posting, graphic design, social advertising, (required) monthly video work commitment, and photography work.

Next level (is probably our more versatile and popular)
Social Media Enthusiast - this package has an average posting schedule (dependent on the platform) graphic design services, social media advertising, (required) video work at either a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly rate

Entry Level (for those who just don’t have the budget for video services)
Social Media Dabler - this package includes an average posting schedule (usually 2-3 platforms), graphic design, social media advertising, no video, no photo work

I find providing packages makes the decision process SO MUCH EASIER and we use a really good proposal program that lays it out clearly.


WOW…thanks so much for sharing! Love the names!


You definitely need packages for a lot of reasons.

  1. It makes the decision-making process and proposal generation process dramatically easier.
  2. It gives you a compare/contrast against custom work, therefore allowing you to charge more for custom projects after your packages are established.
  3. If done correctly, meaning you have to break each package down into its individual deliverables with pricing, descriptions, and expectation levels it will generate at least 30-40% more revenue for services you are already delivering.

Once you have packages you can also dictate the entire sales process, if they do not want a package then they have to get a discovery/strategy type product, etc…

Hope this helps,


This is super helpful. However, is your intended audience like bigger organizations? Do you offer video services to help create IG Reel and TikTok content or is the video like production videos for their website?


I understand the point behind packages, but I am getting stuck with listing them on our website. We don’t want to put prices because we are currently sitting in two different markets. Small businesses and medium sized businesses. Our medium sized businesses are willing to pay 1k to 1500 a month for specific services where our small local businesses can’t pay that per month.

So, do we just list our three primary services and what they contain or make packages for each?

We offer a social media strategy, a content strategy, and a community engagement strategy. Should we focus on building out each of those into three different packages? Or is our social media strategy our basic and then the next package would be the content strategy plus social strategy then the third package would have all three? But what if one business only wants one service?

Do you see what I mean? I am having a hard time thinking about this.



I’m a big fan of packages and listing the prices right on our website. Whatever makes it easier for potential clients to know and easily understand what we offer, how much & how to get started the better.

My agency currently offers three packages. They are listed as this:

  • Foundation Plan - $800 per Month
  • Professional Plan - $1,200 per Month
  • Premier Plan - $2,500+ per Month

They all get many of the same features like social media audit, content calendar development, custom social media marketing plan, creation & scheduling content, monthly reporting & various degrees of community management. The only differences between the plans are the amount of content, frequency, more community management and total number of social media accounts.

What I mean by “total social media accounts” is some brands just have Facebook and Instagram (that’s two) where others are larger brands with multiple locations and have up to 60 accounts we manage.

Now we do offer say a “one off” pricing deal of $400 per month for just one social media account. Other than that, all of our clients are currently on one of these plans.

As for paid content, we charge 15% of the Ad Spend which has a minimum of $1,000 per month. Truthfully, only our larger clients are looking to run any paid content on a consistent basis and they are spending anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 per month on Ad Spend. They’re in the hotel and event rental space, so $30,000 for them is nothing since one or two customers for them typically spends a lot more than that for what they’re offering in the Ads.

I hope this helps some @linaburgjeremy


This is amazing Eddie. Thank you so much for sharing! Did you start out with those prices and packages or did you slowly grow them as you grew?


Hey, no problem. I hope it helped in any way it could.

No, we did not start at these prices, but not that far off from where we did. I want to say we initially started (same packages) at $500/$800/$2,000 price point levels.