Let's Chat: What's your favorite video creation tool, and what do you do with it? 🎥

Share your favorite video creation tool…

Feel free to post a sample of your work in this post!

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Depends on what i am doing - for quick edits wave.video, but also use Camtasia and Filmora depending on what i need to do, or if I need to edit audio. Sometimes i might use one so i can them import into wave - such as if i need a transparent video overlay that wave wont do.

wave.video generally is making quick short videos for clients with their branding etc

Camtasia and Filmora might be editing recorded video or recording directly into them. Longer videos etc.

On the go I tend to use Videoleap, Lightroom app , inshot or just the edits on the iphone !


I used to love the simplicity of iMovie, but now I need more.

Wave.video can be fun, as can Canva…

I got very into Final Cut Pro, until I started here at SMP and found that we had some video elements in After Effects that I couldn’t figure out how to use in Final Cut. Now I use Premiere. It took some adjusting, but Premiere has totally converted me. Looking forward to upping my Premiere skills further.
(Thanks to @ruthbinman for helping me figure it out in the early days!)


I’ve been working in the Adobe ecosystem since 1999 so my platform of choice for video editing is Premiere Pro. I can edit on my PC, tablet and/or phone without skipping a bit since they’re all tied together with Adobe’s platform. Obviously I’m not editing long form videos on my phone or tablet, but I do use their phone app for shorter things like Reels, YouTube Shorts, Amazon Shoppable Videos, etc.

Another mobile video editing app I’ve used and recommend is Videorama. Now I’m not sure it works with Android, but it’s great on iOS devices.


My favorite video tool :slight_smile: is having a team member who knows what they are doing. I used to do a lot of video editing and now it’s SO NICE having a dedicated person on our team who is an expert.