Let's Chat: What's your favorite podcast?🎤

What’s your favorite podcast?
How does it impact your life as a social media manager?
How frequently do you listen?
Why do you like it?

Feel free to share a link if you have it :nerd_face:

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Two of my favourites are: Business Made Simple & Marketing Made Simple.

I listen to a few episodes per week. Some are older ones I still get value from and of course I listen to all the new episodes as well.


I’ve been enjoying a lot of the guests on Dax Shepard’s podcast!


I LOVE this podcast! I haven’t been able to listen to it for awhile, but you may have inspired me to put it back into my weekly mix of things to consume. Cheers!


Most of my favorite podcasts are of the cult/scam/internet rabbit hole deep dives (A Little Bit Culty, Sounds Like a Cult, The Opportunist, Conspirtuality, Crackpot) or are related to my hobby. I rarely listen to anything “business focused,” and when I do, I’ll dip in and out vs. listen consistently.

In my day job (and in life) actually do is to remind myself that I shouldn’t hold up leaders in any industry up on a pedestal - something that I think is all too easy in social when opinions and personalities get amplified. They help me withhold judgment when presented with an “incredible idea,” and also have taught me to question (or at least be wary) of people who are set up as influencers - whether inside or outside of an organization.

I listen a LOT (but I also listen to a lot of audiobooks) - daily, if not weekly.

I like them because I LOOOOVE a good deep dive into the wierd things humans do an believe. :wink:

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The Colin and Samir podcast is a recommended for any content creators out there, especially the ones on Youtube

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