Let's Chat: What's your favorite ChatGPT prompt?

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Try this one:
I’m looking for an Instagram story idea that will leverage the authenticity and relatability of my [brand/company] to engage my [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to take [desired action].


Tweak the style of your ChatGPT outputs using these 20 words:

Formal / Informal

Friendly / Assertive

Professional / Casual

Conversational / Serious

Approachable / Unemotional

Serious / Lighthearted

Humble / Passionate

Persuasive / Neutral

Sincere / Sarcastic

Direct / Indirect

I also love asking for a “Disney-style”


I asked it for a short post about social media in the style of Ted Lasso

"Howdy, folks! Grab your biscuits and get ready for a little chat about the wild world of social media. Now, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to tweets and hashtags, but I’ve got a few thoughts that might just make you smile.

You see, social media is like a big ol’ football match. We’ve got teams duking it out, fans cheering from the sidelines, and plenty of ups and downs along the way. But here’s the thing, my friends: sometimes we forget that we’re all on the same pitch. We’re all playing this beautiful game called life, and social media is just one part of it.

Sure, social media can be a double-edged sword. It’s got the power to connect us in ways we never thought possible. We can share our victories, celebrate each other’s successes, and rally together for a cause. It’s like a locker room where we can all huddle up and find some common ground.

But like any game, there are rules we need to play by. Let’s remember to treat each other with kindness and respect. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, firing off a fiery tweet or leaving a snarky comment. But folks, that ain’t the way to win hearts and minds. We can disagree, sure, but let’s do it with grace and a dash of good humor.

Now, here’s the thing about social media: it can be a tricky opponent. It’s full of distractions, comparison traps, and a whole lot of noise. It’s like trying to dribble through a crowded midfield. But fear not! We’ve got the power to curate our own experience. We can choose who to follow, what to engage with, and when to step away.

Remember, it’s okay to take a breather. Just like a halftime break, we all need a moment to recharge and refocus. Go outside, kick an actual ball around, or have a good ol’ chinwag with a friend. Life happens offline, too, my friends, and it’s where the real magic unfolds.

So let’s make social media a place where we lift each other up, where we find joy and inspiration. Let’s use it as a platform to share our stories, spread kindness, and celebrate the victories, no matter how small. Together, we can create a community that embodies the best parts of the game.

Now, who’s up for a good-natured game of social media tag? Remember, folks, keep it kind, keep it positive, and keep it Ted Lasso style. Y’all are champions in my book. Cheers!"


The client wanted ‘clever’ which I’m not always ‘clever’ like that. So I asked ChatGPT to write a short clever social media post… about the topic. Worked like a charm, and the client was happy. I’ll have to remember to do this for future posts!


this is wonderful #bigfan

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cool…haven’t tried clever yet! I use witty A LOT!

I had a little fun with it and told it a few details of how my husband an dI met and asked it to write a short love story for me. It turned out super cute.


Brianna Shade shared this in another community I’m in

Imagine you’re an expert . Write 20 Instagram hashtags for a post about {post topic}. Include only hashtags with at least 5000 posts and no more than 100000 posts. List them all in lowercase on one line separated by a space.

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I used it to help me ‘jazz’ up social media posts when sharing some dry/repetitive news.

If it is a press release that is also going on our website, I’ll tell it to use information I copy from the post to help generate social media text.

I always ask for three or more examples as I almost never fully like a single text suggestion. Then I mix and match.

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I love re-generate too…guess it’s because I keep thinking I’ll get something better LOL!

Just spotted this one from Paul Kelbanov on LinkedIn

:point_right: Rewriting Your Facebook Ad Using ChatGPT and the Fogg Behavioral Model (Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Trigger)

:robot: How to Use: Replace the text within the brackets with your own ad copy or video script

:point_right: Start Prompt
Step into the shoes of Dr. B.J. Fogg, the founder of Stanford’s Behavioral Lab and the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.” Your task is to rewrite the video ad using Dr. Fogg’s proven formula, which is based on three essential elements that influence human behavior: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger.

Make sure that the rewritten ad stays within 65 - 80 words in length and follows this formula (Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Trigger), where the desired behavior equals a sale. When writing the ad use a clear, concise, conversational, down-to-earth, humble tone.

Once you’ve rewritten the ad, break it down into its four key components and summarize each component, supported by specific examples from the ad, contributing to its impact.

[Hey, guys, Want to let you know about this awesome new GhostBed memory foam topper that I got. I finally needed to get a new mattress. My old one was just worthless, and I was constantly waking up in pain. I saw great reviews online about this, so I decided to give it a chance. And it is the best decision ever. I lay down, and my muscles just say Thank you. It’s so awesome. It keeps you cool. It comes with its own waterproof pad, and it gave so much new life to my existing mattress without having to grab a new one. I highly recommend it.]

:point_right: End Prompt


Okay - stay with me. It isn’t just a prompt, but a workflow that both uses a prompt and results in one.

My first step in the workflow is to open a Google Doc and give it a few headings like About, Contact Info, Calls to Action, Products/Services, Brand Voice, Solution Statements, and Buyer Personas.

Then, underneath each heading, I activate Google’s speech to text option (under the Tools menu). I simply word vomit everything I know about this client while I move throughout the paragraph headings. I literally just do a rambling brain dump.

Once I’ve got each of these sections filled out, I prompt GPT-4 with something like this:

“Generate a polished brand guide for use within our marketing agency by using the notes provided below. Structure the document with the same headings, but generate each section in a more concise, thoughtful, actionable way. Add a final section titled “Generative AI Brand Prompt” where I expect you to use all the notes provided to create a reusable prompt that will allow generative AI to most effectively produce content that matches the brand’s identity.”

You now have a shareable reference for brand consistency and a great copy/paste prompt for next time. Just have to let it know what to actually generate. (Example: “Generate a 300-word blog post about X on behalf of the brand described below: [pasted prompt].”

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All I can say is WOW! This is golden Amy.

@cspenn had a couple really good prompts that he gave during Agency Chat…here are my screenshots!

LOVED this one for meeting notes and then action items!

Be very careful!

  1. Prompts can be injected with hostile code, something called prompt injection. Just as you wouldn’t run random software on your computer, inspect prompts carefully before you use them.

  2. Prompts are programming code. Yes, they use plain language, but they are still functionally programming source code - and that means it’s intellectual property. Your employer may prohibit you from sharing company IP in the same way they would prevent a programmer from sharing Python code they’re working on. Be sure you’re in the clear before sharing prompts - and perhaps don’t share your best ones any more than you’d share your best source code that your dev team built.


Paul Klebanov shared this one on LinkedIn

:point_right:This ChatGPT Prompt Will Turn Your Marketing Message Into a Compelling Story.

:robot: How to use: Replace the brackets with your brand’s specific ad copy.

:point_right: Framework: Caracter, Setting, Conflict, Resolution

:shushing_face: It’s no secret that stories bring your marketing messages to life and make your product and brand more relatable.

There are many story archetypes, but the fundamental components of the framework remain the same.

:point_right: So, let’s ask ChatGPT to examine these components of a story and rewrite our Facebook ad.

:point_right: Start Prompt

Step into the shoes of Joseph Campbell, the author of “The Hero’s Journey,” diving deep into the patterns and structures that drive the heroes and protagonists in stories.

Your task is to analyze the simplified, consolidated framework of storytelling and its practical application in Facebook video ads (outlined below).

Then proceed to rewrite the ad copy found in the ad details(also outlined below) while making sure you’re staying true to the fundamental story framework and its application in modern Facebook video ads.

Remember, keep the rewritten ad in a first-person perspective, concise, between 65-80 words, and aim for a conversational tone that feels relatable and natural, as if you’re speaking from personal experience.

Once you’ve rewritten the ad, create a section titled “ad break down” where you break down the ad into four key components(character, setting, conflict, resolution) and summarize each component, supported by specific examples from the ad, contributing to its impact.

:point_right: Basic Story Framework:

:one: The character in your story provides someone for the audience to connect with.
:two: The setting helps place the story in a real-world context, making it more relatable.
:three: The conflict in the story creates curiosity for the resolution or the end of our story.
:four: The resolution to the conflict becomes the ending of our story.

:point_right: Application in Facebook Ads:

:one: Character: A content creator embodies the traits that resonate with our target market.
:two: Setting: The product is showcased in a specific setting, such as a “bedroom” or “living room.”
:three: Conflict: Presented from a 1st person perspective, our content creator highlights the problem our product helped them solve.
:four: Resolution: The content creator offers the solution to the problem. For example, they share their own experience and how it solved their problem and then end the ad, with a call to action to buy the product.

Ad Details:
[Never be afraid of your strength. Because your body is capable of amazing things. The one they said you shouldn’t have. The one driven by a power they can’t see. Own your strength and see how far It takes you. Tonal. Be your strongest.]

:point_right: End Prompt

I’ve been using ChatGPT so much, I’m beginning to notice my thinking skills are declining…:woman_facepalming:…but my GPT skills are on 100!

Here are a couple of ways I’ve used it in more than post creation:

I used multiple lists to create reasons why someone would want to join a Chamber (this can be repurposed to create reasons why someone would purchase a client’s product or go a a clients store etc.)

I started with needing graphics ideas for a Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, then led GPT through a series of follow up questions that ultimately helped create the meetings outline/plan:

I’ve also had it create an entire program…