Let's Chat: What was your biggest email oops?

Yes…it happened 8/9/22! I had a bit of a failure with our newsletter.

I made UTM codes last week and didn’t fully check them when I put them into this week’s newsletter. Sadly this meant 4 links…3 going to content by contributors (sorry @jenn @sarahaguirre @coreycwalker) were totally wrong! UGH!!! I fixed the links and sent a failure to launch email…hopefully people will forgive me!

Here are my lessons…hope you can learn from them!

  1. When using a UTM spreadsheet…you can’t drag cells down because it changes the numbers…instead copy and paste
  2. Make fresh UTM codes instead of assuming ones you made before are mistake-free
  3. When checking UTM codes don’t just read them to proof…instead copy and paste.

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I’m one of the many people who has experienced a dynamic field not populating (eg. “Dear [FIRSTNAME]”) in an email that went out to thousands…

Apparently, you can add my name to that list too as we were making some changes to the Social Media Pulse welcome email and recently some went out like that. Not really my fault…more the tech team…but the emails came from me

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