Let's Chat: What do you want to learn to do your social media job better?

Looking to update your social media skills? What do you want to learn to do your job better? Where do you need an update? Want to dive into TikTok this year? What do you need to get started?

Something else? Share here!

Not really “social media” but I have been doing a deep dive into email marketing & crafting better sales funnel/drip style emails lately. That’s one area I’m really trying to better understand. Not only for my own agency, but also for my one-on-one consulting clients.


Time management and how to use your time efficiently is an essential skill that any SMM needs in their toolbox.

A better way to organize my content creation. In the past, I’ve used Google Sheets, and I’m currently using Google Docs for smaller clients.

Still trying to get my head around tiktok for value for time. So so much content and competition for eyeballs. Love to see case studies for conversions from Tiktok. Are they coming organically - so folk respond to CTAs there or from ads. Love to see some ad spend examples.