Let's Chat: Social Media Ad Spend

How are you and your clients spending their advertising dollars on social media ads these days?
What’s working?

Are you all in on one platform, or have you diversified?


I want to tag in some of our more advanced users for this one, so I’m reaching out to @Super_Space_Friends – where does your social ad :dollar: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: go?

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My clients stopped using ads about a year ago. The only goal they ever have for ads is to increase their email list. Their organic traffic provides good income, so they don’t feel the need for ads at the moment. Another strategy client of mine really needs to lean into ads to not only build their new email list, but to also build awareness of their product. Most ecommerce businesses I know use IG ads almost exclusively. Hope that helps a bit.


Facebook Ads & Google Ads are the two main ones for my clients. Google ads are more $$ but they are a solid work horse and produce regular consistent returns that often lead to sales. Facebook ads are less $ and are good for expanding your sphere of influence and reaching new people. Great for audience building.

TikTok ads still require larger budgets and get hot and cold results. I avoid Twitter ads. LinkedIn ads can be very costly but are one of the few ad types that can get you directly in front of who you want to talk to. All of these platforms have their benefits.

But to avoid being spread too thin, the Facebook & Google combo is where we operate.


We run “ThruPlay” ads a lot for my businesses and my agency clients. It gets great results and we call it our TV commercial Crusher!

it is all about “Top of Mind” that eventually leads to opt-ins and sales, but it is a long game. If you are looking for more actionable leads, Google is the way to go.


Ads turn back the clock on Facebook and IG allowing success with older content types. I’m using those two platforms along with Google Ads/YouTube ads sprinkled in.