Let's Chat: Social Media Accounts Flagged for Violations

Starting to hear about this more and more these days…

What are your best practices to avoid getting your account flagged?

What should you do when your account gets flagged for a violation?

What do you do when your client’s account gets flagged?

If you get completely blocked from your profile or pages, what should you do?

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Here’s a great discussion the community had (is having) about LinkedIn

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This is a topic I’m seeing arise more and more often … account managers get notifications that their account has been flagged and sometimes, they end up losing access to all of their pages or pages are automatically unpublished. This hasn’t happened to me personally, so I’m eager to learn from those who have experience with this!

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I made a fake account once on Facebook to manage my gaming page so that my personal profile wasn’t attached, the account got banned and suddenly I had no access to my gaming page. To the point I gave up and made another page with my personal profile.

I managed to “Hack” my way in later on by I suppose you’d say claiming the page? I gave myself access to my page somehow thru business manager.