Let's Chat: Relationship Building on IG

“Slide into my DMs” is a common phrase now…

How are you deepening relationships via Instagram?

Share what tactics are working and compare notes with other social media managers right here!

In the spirit of that…feel free to drop your IG link right in this post so we can connect and support each other!


I love this question and this topic so much. We were doing a lot of this with our X-Stand (@getxstand) Instagram account there for awhile (before I started my new job.) We used a LOT of user-generated content to put the focus on the folks who were actually using our product daily. We did this both in Stories AND in the feed. We also made it a point to try to turn every post into a conversation so that we could get to know our members of our community better. Such a fun project. Like I’ve mentioned before, we do plan on marketing X-Stand again in the near future, but I have a big event I need to have out from under my belt first. :wink:


The fastest I ever grew an account was actually just a fun account for my house—it grew so fast because it was a passion area (old houses!) so I followed other similar accounts that I actually wanted to follow, they chose to follow me back, and we actually had a real interest in commenting on each others’ content! I also participated in some community “challenges” with hashtags which definitely helped.

What I’m working on now as we try to grow the Social Media Pulse account (you’re all following us already, right???) is looking up accounts that have to do with social media, finding a few posts I have genuine comments on, and relating that action regularly. And DEFINITELY engaging with anyone who is kind enough to engage with us. You can also save posts and put them into collections which are a workaround way to just categorize different accounts you’d like to remember to keep track of.


Definitely with clients having them share more personalised stories and encouraging them to work with other local businesses to encourage engagement between them has worked.

For myself I get a lot of spammy DMs and i have never been one to self promote enough so trying to find my fit for my own brand is still something im working on - im generally too tired after working with clients to address my own in all honesty! Bad i know!


The brands we work with that are on Instagram see success building relationships when we do proactive community management. Engaging with not only industry/niche accounts, but other local businesses as well. We do this every day for 20 minutes and it helps them grow by leaps and bounds. You can grow a lot with just 20 minutes per day!

One thing I do when I engage with other accounts is to not just simply post “Great idea” or “Great tips, thanks for sharing”, etc. I like to end it with an open ended question related to their post to open the dialogue. Something along the lines of, “Hey those a great tips. What are the ones you see people missing out on?” or something to that effect.

We’ve also began sending out thank you videos as DM’s to new followers. It’s a brief 20 second video, but I believe it goes a long way rather than just some thank you DM that’s just copy or even an image.


Oh I like that video idea. Would feel much more personal. I certainly agree that if you are going to engage, actually engage. Nothing worse that just a “great” or a :heart: with nothing added to the conversastion!


We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from the DM videos @fiona1


One of my favorite tips is to reply to DMs with a voice or video message. When someone pops in and asks a question, or thanks you for a post, or replies to a Story, etc. it can be a great relationship tactic to actually reply with a voice or video message. Your audience probably isn’t expecting it and it’s a huge relationship building experience to hear or see you or your team. It also lets them know that they aren’t just getting a canned response but something more personal.


love this

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