Let's Chat: Meta + TikTok ad-free subscriptions

Here comes no ads…for a price!

News recently came out that Meta is rolling out a $14 subscription for Instagram users in Europe and $17 for ad-free access to Facebook and Instagram on desktop unless people opt in to targeted ads.

Near the same time came news that TikTok is testing watching TikTok ad-free for $4.99.

What do you think? Will you subscribe to avoid the ads?

Honestly no, but they’ll probably make it insufferable. If they push hard enough users will just leave the platform because they’ve been brought up to hate ads and expect things for free. There is definitely a fine line they are playing at. But ads have come to a point where people are SO tired of them they may actually pay to get rid of them.

Ads are so prevalent, so bad, that people just want them gone at this point. Some marketing can be good, but its become too overbearing as platforms try to stay well monetized.

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