Let's Chat: Job interview questions to ask during a social media manager job interview

Seeing lots of chat on LinkedIn these days about what questions you should ask during a social media manager job interview.

Thought we could come together and build a list to help the next person with an interview!

What questions would you ask during an interview?

I’ll start…thought these were good! (in no organized order)

What are your policies on monitoring social media outside of regular working hours?

What’s your approval process for content?

Do you have a crisis communications plan in place?

Do you have a legal team either in-house or at a firm that is accessible if needed?

Does the social team have 100% ownership of social posts and interactions?

Is there a formal social media policy in place?

Here’s a few more…
What is the resource allocation process?

When is social media brought into campaign planning?

What does the calendar planning cycle look like?

What role does social media play in your organization?