Let's Chat: How does LinkedIn help you the most when building biz or getting hired or networking or?

If you are building your business…how does LinkedIn help you?

If you are job hunting…how does LinkedIn help you?

If you are networking…how does LinkedIn help you?

or if you are ???..how does LinkedIn help you?

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Since I am an agency owner, I’m not looking to get hired by anyone honestly. I use it mainly for (personal) brand awareness and networking. I see the suggested in my area, in my industry, etc. and look to their profiles to see who they’re following or work with in order to gauge whether they would be good to follow or connect.

I’ve actually never signed any clients from LinkedIn, nor am I really looking to that platform for that. Our clients came from (in order):

  1. Referrals
  2. Facebook
  3. In-Person Events
  4. Our Website

Now I’ve connected with others on LinkedIn who needed “one off” specific projects done, which worked out great. But overall, I’m using it for personal brand awareness and networking.


LinkedIn solidifies my in-person connections.
LinkedIn provides me with a target audience to show off my expertise.
LinkedIn gives me a platform to build my influence.

I get to meet and greet 24/7 with people from all over the world.


Right now LinkedIn is helping me network with people that have similar interests than mine. As well as sharing my content to those that will find it useful.

I can use my network to find others that are in the same industry.

Job hunting for sure. They have plenty of filters, although I think they may need some work or add a little more. Potentially it’s also people not filling out the forms correctly, as I’m sure there is some of that. But finding job listings and having those little skill tests are great.