Let's Chat: How are you getting clients on LinkedIn?

How are you finding clients and getting new business? What’s working for you right now?

Lots of people “say” they are getting business on LinkedIn…but other people are struggling.

Share YOUR tips and tricks…details matter Space Friends!


@Agency Space Friends…I know lots of you have posted that you get clients via LinkedIn…hope you’ll share your process!


@beth and @ruthbinman chatted about this a bit in Office Hours


I’ve found four new clients this year directly related to LinkedIn. One was from my LinkedIn newsletter - it was a 10 year!!! lead btw - and the others were referrals from my LinkedIn network AFTER I met people at a conference! So it was in-person networking first, connecting with my new connection on LinkedIn, interacting with these new connections and then getting the referral. BOOM!


So here is one strategy that worked well for us.

We run LinkedIn Ads - Awareness, Lead Gen and retargeting. The people who filled out the form, we invite them to our weekly Q&A calls, answer their questions, then give them an opportunity to book a strategy call with me. The ones that booked the calls, we end up closing them as new clients. Hope that’s helpful to someone.


@jabraham Very interesting workflow there!


Thank you Peter. It works well for us, the people that came from the ads are cold however when they come to our Q&A calls they get to know me and see that I am knowledgeble, it helps create trust faster, then on the strategy call, it makes it easier to answer additional questions and share our offering.

What’s your current process Peter?


Thanks for sharing Jubert!

(a totally basic question) What’s the topic or creative for the ads that you’ve found works?

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Great question @deb - for the awareness, we found short videos (less than 30 sec) works well - for the lead gen ads - our creative is about giving away something of value (with scroll stopping images and text with a CTA) and retargeting is running with testimonial videos and similar creatives as the lead gen form ads.

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