🚨 Let's Chat: Google Year in Search 2023 released -- How many did you search for?

Looking at the top 5 in:

News β€’ People β€’ Passings β€’ Actors β€’ Athletes β€’ Books β€’ Explained β€’ Games β€’ Meme β€’ Movies β€’ How often β€’ Recipe β€’ Songs β€’ Musicians β€’ TV Shows β€’ Vs β€’ Trends β€’ and more

BTW you can toggle for Global and different countries

How many of these did you search for?

I’m at over 25…with Damar Hamlin, Matthew Perry, War in Israel and Gaza, hurricane coverage, Barbie, Queen Charlotte the ones I remember the most.

Looks like Oppenheimer beat Barbie, in Ireland at least. But maybe that’s because of Killian Murphy

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