Let's Chat: Goal Setting...How are you setting yourself up for success for 2023?

Goal Setting…How are you setting yourself up for success for 2023?

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  • Vision Board: personal and business
  • My 3 words for the year (Chris Brogan)
  • My Big 5 for Life (John Strelecky)
  • Top 3-5 goals in basic categories: business, health / welness, giving back to my community, etc.

To be truly authentic, my life has been very challenging for many years. I’m so proud that i’m profoundly reconnecting to my business and personal goals + my life purpose. So looking ahead to a great and positive year :blush:

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That sounds so great for you Nathalie and I love that! Reconnecting with those things in our life that make sense feels so rewarding. Those are some great goals and the vision board has definitely been thrown around by others here. It’s a really good tool!

Thanks Kaz! Feels good to share out loud my goals; makes me accountable :innocent:

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We’ll definitely circle around to them again and ask how its coming along!

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I’m setting myself up for success in 2023 but journaling every morning. I started a 90 day writing challenge in Nov and it’s been an eye opener in many ways and I also did a vision board


Journaling is great for self reflection and figuring all sorts of things out. Gets things off your mind and leaves space for more. Sounds awesome Jenita! Also second time we hear the vision board now, very popular method.

Much success to you in 2023!

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Thanks Kaz and to you as well!

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