Let's Chat: As a social media manager...How do you start your daily routine? ⏰

Do you check your personal accounts first or your clients?
Do you do it from bed?
How many times a day are you checking?
Are you working 24/7 to keep an eye on things?

Spill the beans and compare notes with other social media managers living the same lifestyle as you!

Depending on the day our routine is different. But here’s a basic outline of what our daily management entails:

  1. Check & respond to all overnight notifications across all platforms
    a. Customers first
    b. Company
    c. Personal
  2. Check insights on previously posted content (typically for the week)
  3. Review tasks for the day as they relate to each customer
  4. Proactive management
    a. 20 minutes twice daily on all accounts
  5. Review & prepare future content calendar & scheduling of content