Let's Chat: As a social media manager...How do you start your daily routine? ⏰

Do you check your personal accounts first or your clients?
Do you do it from bed?
How many times a day are you checking?
Are you working 24/7 to keep an eye on things?

Spill the beans and compare notes with other social media managers living the same lifestyle as you!

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Depending on the day our routine is different. But here’s a basic outline of what our daily management entails:

  1. Check & respond to all overnight notifications across all platforms
    a. Customers first
    b. Company
    c. Personal
  2. Check insights on previously posted content (typically for the week)
  3. Review tasks for the day as they relate to each customer
  4. Proactive management
    a. 20 minutes twice daily on all accounts
  5. Review & prepare future content calendar & scheduling of content

@EddieGarrison - I really like that you take the time each day/week to check insights. It’s so easy to fall into “set it and forget it” mode until monthly reporting time.


I literally start my day in Agorapulse, checking for comments, mentions, change posts to “approved” and schedule them if needed, etc. (#notanad :rofl: )

After I’ve gone through that, I go through my emails and catch up on anything I’ve missed since I last logged in. Then I organize my tasks for the week in Workamajig and keep track of all of my tasks for the day there… I also enter my time as I go. (It can be a nightmare later if I don’t! lol)

Then, I grab a fresh cup of coffee and a glass of water and I settle into writing/edits/content creation mode for the rest of the day. I also check through Agorapulse a few times throughout the day, go thru each accounts’ feeds and engage with posts, check out relevant hashtags, catch up on social media news, and I make sure that everyone who has liked posts on eachFacebook page over the last few days has also been invited to “like” the corresponding page.

I’m sure there are things I’m leaving out, like meetings, etc… but these are the main points. Oh! And engaging often in SMP! :slight_smile:


@ruthbinman YES! I live for data. It’s the one thing that never lies & so important in understanding in order to create better content in the future.


Oh gosh yes. That’s so entirely true. Thanks for sharing your process, Eddie! It’s cool to see how other SMM’s get through their day. :smiley:


Any time! It may not be the “best” or work for others, but it works for me!


With the change in seasons…any of you making a change in your daily routine?