Let's chat about Zucks latest announcement re: social connections

On the eve of being sued yet again - Zuck releases data about a social connections - he said “Raj Chetty just released groundbreaking research on economic opportunity and social mobility using data from social connections on Facebook and Instagram. The researchers examined how social connections improve a person’s chances of getting out of poverty, and they showed that more social contact with affluent people increases chances of upward mobility. We’re releasing the privacy-protected datasets that contributed to this research so you can check them out here: socialcapital.org

It’s only USA based but something felt off to me. My comment on the post was

“nothing about ethics etc though? Something doesn’t feel right about this. And i bet it might annoy the 1% when the -1000% start trying to be their friends? Keeping up with the Joneses was never the highest aim in life. There would some amazing data on the impact on mental health of folks attempting to keep up with curated lives on instagram etc”

I’m just not sure what he thinks this shows - that people can connect with folks richer than they are? That’s nothing new. I know my friends and i don’t sit around talking about money all time - in fact i would find that off putting . Is it politically motivated? Is he trying to say look at the good our harvesting of your data gives back to the world? The fact they know that much about income differences between friends and their education status just doesn’t sit right with me. Am i alone is feeling this way? Curious for other views.

ok im guessing it is just me that didn’t like the vibe of this announcement.

Honestly @CommuniFi I just shake my head at him and some of their moves!

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