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Why do you think so many “good” social media managers are leaving the field?



Community and Marketing are the first to usually go when things get rough, so there’s some instability in job confidence.

Communities and public in general have become more toxic. It is more of a toll on the mental health of community managers than ever before.

Communities will not only go after the company, but also the community manager. That could be trying to reach them outside their work hours, or on their personal accounts.

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I’ve seen loads of people EVOLVE into something else – so not so much QUIT per se - but evolve what they do through time. I think many people who started out in 2018-ish had a defined title as social media manager, but now they are consultants, or trainers, or head the OFFline marketing department, or online marketing is just a small part of what they do now.

I’ve always said, if you are frustrated in your job it’s either the clients you’re working with, or your systems need work. I still stand by that.